12 July، 2024

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Dubai’s Real Estate Renaissance: Mortgage Market Thrives in 2024 Unlocking Opportunities as Property Transactions Surge by 20%

Date: Dubai, UAE, June 11, 2024
Dubai’s real estate sector continues its upward trajectory, marking a robust start to 2024 with a remarkable surge in property transactions. The first quarter alone witnessed a staggering 20% increase compared to the previous year, signaling a beacon of growth and prosperity in the emirate’s real estate landscape.

Sales values soared by 25%, with apartments leading the charge at 26% growth, while townhomes and villas also experienced a substantial uptick of 23%. This flourishing market gained further momentum as an investment hub following its removal from the FATF Greylist earlier in Q1 2024. From upscale villas to waterfront apartments and commercial towers, Dubai offers a diverse array of real estate options, attracting both local and international investors seeking prime assets in a thriving environment.

“One of Dubai’s standout features is its considerably low mortgage rates,” notes Mr. Haider Qureshi, Managing Director of Amity Mortgages. “With rates as enticingly low as 4% for residents and approximately 5.5% for foreign investors, Dubai presents an attractive lending environment that fosters property investment.”

Rental rates in prime areas surged by over 20% year-on-year, a trend that favors investors but prompts residents to consider mortgage options. Amidst 11 consecutive rounds of rate hikes, interest rates in the UAE are poised for reduction in 2024, subject to decisions by the US Federal Reserve. UAE banks are preemptively lowering rates, anticipating potential Fed actions, leading to a surge in mortgage applications.

With financing transactions surpassing cash purchases at 53% versus 47%, the market saw properties priced below AED 3 million comprising 80% of all transactions in Q1. This underscores a significant demand for reasonably priced and off-plan properties, particularly among first-time buyers, indicating a robust performance of mortgages which outpaced the market’s overall growth in the past year.

Mr. Haider Qureshi, the author of this article, is the Managing Director of Amity Mortgages, Dubai, bringing with him 22 years of experience in the field of banking and finance.