21 June، 2024

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Ajmal’s Aristocratic Affair: Introducing Aristocrat Coral and Coastal Scents


27th February 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Ajmal Perfumes, a global farm-to-fragrance brand with seven decades of craftsmanship in the intricate art of perfumery, celebrated a new chapter with the launch of two exquisite scents, Aristocrat Coral and Aristocrat Coastal, against the picturesque backdrop of Al Umm Al Quwain Beach Hotel and Resorts – Lumi Beach. The event, inspired by the enchanting corals and pristine coasts of the Maldives, reflected the very core of Ajmal Perfumes’ philosophy—blending tradition with contemporary allure.

‘Aristocrat’, celebrated as one of the brand’s best sellers, epitomizes the essence of India’s regal heritage. With Aristocrat Coral and Coastal, the brand extends this revered line, meticulously crafting each note to evoke the serene yet powerful essence of the mesmerizing Maldivian landscapes. More than mere fragrances, they beckon as portals, inviting individuals to embark on journeys and explore new horizons.

Aristocrat Coral delicately captures the femininity and grace of the sea’s coral reefs. Opening with whispers of velvet peach and osmanthus flower, it envelops you in a scent reminiscent of a precious organza shell. In contrast, Aristocrat Coastal bursts forth with the vibrant energy of grapefruit and basil, embodying the robust essence of the sea’s endless horizons. This invigorating fragrance, perfect for adventure seekers, mirrors the dynamic contrast of the island nation’s coral and coast, embodying the wild spirit of the ocean.

The highlight of the evening was the grand unveiling of the perfumes by the CEO of Ajmal Perfumes, Abdulla Ajmal himself, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display.

The Aristocrat Coral and Coastal launch unfolded as a glamorous extravaganza, seamlessly intertwining the picturesque beach vistas with captivating artistic performances. A celebration of the resplendent beauty of the Maldives’ coral reefs and coastline—the muse behind these divine fragrances. Guests indulged in a sensorial feast, with mesmerizing fire performers illuminating the night and a live saxophonist casting a spellbinding aura.

At the event, Abdulla Ajmal, shared insights into the inspiration behind the new scents, stating, “With each fragrance we bring to life, our endeavor is to encapsulate a narrative, a piece of our illustrious past, and a touch of indulgence that deeply resonates with our esteemed patrons.  Aristocrat Coral and Coastal stand as more than just fragrances; they represent a celebration of our pioneering spirit and an unyielding dedication to excellence—a tradition ingrained within the very fabric of Ajmal Perfumes across generations.”

Ajmal Perfumes, through this launch, has once again demonstrated its role as an innovator in the fragrance industry, creating experiences that go beyond the bottle, lingering in memories as their scents linger in the air. Aristocrat Coral and Coastal are not just additions to a collection; they are a testament to Ajmal’s unwavering pursuit of crafting scents that transcend time and trends, further cementing their status as a symbol of luxury in the world of perfumery.