2 March، 2024

News from Emirates

Introducing a New Category Devoted to the Academic Sector Arabia CSR Network Announces the Launch of the 17th Edition of the “Arabia CSR & Sustainability Awards” 16 Categories Offer Entities the Opportunity to Lead


The Arabia CSR Network, a trailblazer in promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainability, proudly announced the commencement of the 17th cycle of the ‘Arabia CSR & Sustainability Awards’. The prestigious awards, formerly known as the Arabia CSR Awards, has been rebranded this year and has undergone a significant evolution to reflect a broader commitment to sustainability. The year 2024 also marks the conclusion of 20 years of operation for the Arabia CSR Network, further underscoring its dedication to advancing responsible corporate and sustainable practices in the Arab world.

In her opening address, Mrs. Habiba Al Mar’ashi – Founder, President & CEO of Arabia CSR Network unveiled a significant transformation in this Awards cycle, marked by pivotal milestones; The rebranding of the awards to “the Arabia CSR & Sustainability Awards”, to emphasise an expanded focus on sustainability beyond just corporate social responsibility and the addition of a new category. These changes reflect the evolving landscape of responsible and sustainable business practices nationally, regionally and globally.

Highlighting two decades of impactful contributions, Mrs. Al Mar’ashi emphasized that the Arabia CSR Network has played a pivotal role in shaping the sustainability narrative within the Arab region, marking an enduring legacy of impact and leadership. Throughout the span of 20 years, the network has played a vital role in fostering awareness, sharing best practices and recognising organisations committed to sustainable development.

In response to the evolving landscape of sustainable development, the 17th cycle is introducing a new award category dedicated to the Academic Sector; the Education Sector. This addition reflects the critical role educational institutions play in shaping sustainable practices, building capacity and fostering a culture of responsibility in the educational sector.

Speaking about the milestones and changes in 2024, Mrs. Al Mar’ashi stated, “As we embark on the 17th cycle, we are thrilled to announce the rebranding to “Arabia CSR & Sustainability Awards”, a testament to our commitment to continue fostering sustainability and corporate responsibility across diverse sectors in this region.

The inclusion of the Education Sector category reflects our recognition of the pivotal role education plays in shaping a sustainable future. Celebrating 20 years of the Arabia CSR Network adds a layer of significance, highlighting our enduring dedication to driving positive change in the region.”

The 17th cycle continues to maintain a diverse range of categories and with the new addition this year the total number comes to 16 in total; offering organisations the opportunity to showcase their sustainable initiatives. The categories include Public Sector Category; with Small, Medium and Large Organisations, New Business Category, The Business Sector which also has 3 categories; Large, Medium & Small and industry-specific sectors such as Energy, Financial Services, Social Enterprise, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, Automotive Industry, Partnerships & Collaborations, and the newly added Education Sector.

Organisations interested in participating can submit their applications through the official website, with continuous support provided by the award secretariat throughout the cycle.

Key Dates for the 2024 Awards:

  • Monday, 22nd  January – Press Launch of the 17th Cycle of the Arabia CSR & Sustainability Awards
  • Tuesday 16th  April – The Awards Clinic
  • Sunday, 30th June – Deadline for Submission of Applications
  • Thursday, 10th  October – The Awards Ceremony

Mrs. Habiba reflected on the remarkable achievements that were recorded in the 16th cycle, citing a notable increase in the registrations and the resilience shown by organisations across diverse sectors amid the ongoing global challenges.

Hailed as the Arab region’s beacon for sustainability, the Arabia CSR Network has been instrumental in setting regional benchmarks for CSR and sustainability best practices. The awards align with global principles and standards, fostering a comprehensive understanding of social responsibility and sustainability.

Organisations passionate about sustainability are invited to join the 17th cycle of the Arabia CSR & Sustainability Awards, contributing to the ongoing success story of the Arab region’s commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

For more information, please visit www.arabiacsrawards.com or contact the award secretariat at awards@arabiacsrnetwork.com