21 July، 2024

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Meet the latest Mahzooz multi-millionaires

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 12 January, 2024: EWINGS, the managing operator of Mahzooz, unveiled heartening stories of success at a press conference held to present the latest Mahzooz millionaires who shared the top prize of AED 20 million at the last weekly draws on December 30th 2023, and provide updates on its business operations.

On the cease of operations that started on January 1st, 2024 in order to comply with the regulators’ industry-wide mandate, Suzan Kazzi, Head of Communications and CSR confirmed that the application process for the National Lottery license has been completed in the first week of January 2024 and that regulators are currently conducting a thorough process to select the best applicant for the national lottery license.
She said: “We ceased our sales on January 1st, 2024, as directed by the regulators in line with our values of integrity and transparency and most importantly because we recognize the value in the regulators’ efforts towards creating a regulated and responsible gaming environment in the UAE”.
She added: “We are optimistic regarding the national lottery license for several reasons: EWINGS has a proven track record of changing people’s lives through Mahzooz’s excellent performance for the past three years, during which we created 66 millionaires and gave away over AED 500 million to more than 2 million winners worldwide, in addition to the 10,000 that we touched through our CSR outreach program. Also, our existing customer base, infrastructure, team of international experts with over 127 years of combined experience from mature markets and network of partners can be leveraged to immediately start the new operations as soon as given the green light.”
On December 30th, at the 161st draws, and the last draws for 2023, 236,979 winners including 100 guaranteed raffle winners and two new multi-millionaires who took home AED 10 million each, bid farewell to 2023 in an incredible way.
Sharing the top prize of AED 20 million, Zenobia from India and Serhii from Ukraine (pronounced Sergui) started 2024 with a multiple-digit fund in their bank account.

Zenobia, a 67-year-old from India, who has called Dubai home for 33 years, was elated with her AED 10 million prize on that fateful December night. Formerly an administrator at one of the biggest business conglomerates in the UAE, Zenobia’s journey to winning unfolded when she received an email notifying her of her Mahzooz victory on the last day of the year. Married with a daughter, son, and two grandchildren, Zenobia plans to share her newfound wealth with her family. She has been participating in Mahzooz since 2021, aiming to reach her goal, which she successfully achieved on December 30th, 2023.

Serhii, the second recipient of the top prize, is a 33-year-old operations manager in a Dubai-based construction company. He discovered the happy news during the live draw show on December 30th. Originally from Ukraine, Serhii has been residing in the UAE for a decade, supporting his family back home.
As the realization of his win sank in, Serhii, alone at the time, was rendered speechless, shocked, and pleasantly surprised. He plans to utilize his winnings to support his parents and other family members back in Ukraine.

EWINGS looks forward to resuming Mahzooz’s mission of changing people’s lives once hopefully successful in the bid for the National Lottery license.