21 June، 2024

News from Emirates

The Best Music Fest music festival has ended in Dubai

The grandiose five-day Best Music Fest music festival organized by the Russian Media Group and BIM Group has come to an end in Dubai. This is a unique event for both Russian pop and Dubai: there have never been such grandiose large-scale musical festivals here.

The organizers sought to show that Russian music is in demand both in Russia and abroad. And they succeeded. All the shows were sold out, and the audience sang and danced to their favorite songs.

The line-up was compiled as competently as possible. There was a place in it for masters, and for rising stars, and for lyrics, and for hype. At the same time, the best and favorite songs of the performers really sounded from the stage. From “A stewardess named Jeanne” performed by Vladimir Presnyakov to “Cuckoo” by Polina Gagarina, from “For Money – yes” by Instasamka to “Cruel Love” and “My Bunny” by Philip Kirkorov.

“The Dubai audience should be given everything the most expensive, the most delicious, the most powerful, which has collected billions of streams,” Filatov & Karas noted.

Best Music Fest became the main topic on the lips of all vacationers and expats of Dubai – from the very first day, everyone was talking about the concert. Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Philip Kirkorov, the Earthlings group, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya, Dmitry Malikov, Bahh Tee& Turken, Hanna, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Emin, Moth, Anastasia IVKA, Jony and many, many others appeared on the stage of the popular Madinat Jumeirah Dubai resort complex.

A huge surprise for the audience was the joint performance of Artik & Asti, because recently the singer always went on stage alone. In turn, Polina Gagarina pleased fans by coming to the show with her daughter Mia.

“The Dubai Festival is an enchanting event,” Svetlana Stolpovskikh, music producer of the Russian Media Group, said about the event. – To hold an event in such a place, to see the happy faces of people is an incomparable pleasure. The audience constantly comes up to us and thanks us. I really like this emotional intensity.”

Each show was accompanied by an exquisite gala dinner, and the day ended with an after-party with full concert programs of the festival participants.

The Best Music Fest festival has become the brightest page in the musical history of Dubai and the entire Russian stage, because it united different countries and gave both artists, viewers, and the organizer unforgettable emotions. The festival confirmed how popular and in demand Russian music is outside the country.