8 December، 2023

News from Emirates

‘Rewayat’ engages SIBF 2023 visitors with immersive activities to pique interest in reading as a lifestyle

Sharjah, November 09, 2023 : Rewayat, a division of Kalimat Group, has curated a captivating series of events under the theme ‘Not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle’ at its pavilion during the 42nd Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF 2023). These activities offer visitors distinct chances to rediscover the delight of reading and construct their reading list for the upcoming year.

The immersive activities include ‘Birthday Month Book’ offers an interactive, surprise-filled method in promoting reading. Visitors can choose books by the colour corresponding to their birth month, and each book is matched with its author based on the author’s birth month, creating an interactive and enjoyable experience that encourages visitors to explore new authors and genres. Another intriguing activity titled, ‘Mirror Background,’ transforms the book cover poster of ‘Mirror Meditation’ by Tara Well into an actual mirror. The pavilion is also hosting a ‘Book Quiz’ where participants receive personalised book recommendations based on their responses to an engaging set of questions. Rewayat has also scheduled a lineup of sessions during the 12-day book fair featuring renowned authors.

Mirror background

The ‘Mirror background’ activity to promote the book “Mirror Meditation” by Tara Well features a large mirror that adorns the Rewayat’s pavilion wall to capture the audience’s attention. On November 5th and 10th, the pavilion will host a parade where 12 people in special makeup dressed in black will hold a mirror in one hand and the book on a hanger in the other to pique visitors’ interest to read the book, in addition to the latest Rewayat releases.

Book Quiz

As for the Book Quiz, it offers visitors a unique way to find titles that match their interests. Tablets are placed inside the pavilion, allowing visitors to take the quiz to determine readers’ preferences, literary genres, and interests. Based on their answers, visitors will receive personalised book recommendations.

The pavilion will also showcase its latest Arabic releases for young adults and youth as part of Rewayat’s efforts to instil a love for reading in these age groups and provide high-quality books in Arabic.

Rewayat is dedicated to publishing translated and Arabic literary works following the latest and highest standards in the sector. It also aims to create an environment for serious narrative talent in the Arab world. The publisher is committed to providing all required to produce high-quality titles and presenting it to readers through various local and international bookstores and exhibitions.