21 June، 2024

News from Emirates

Avid Hilda announce the lunch of the Universal Couture Fashion Week

Avid Hilda, a leading fashion corporation, is proud to announce the launch of the Universal Couture Fashion Week. This groundbreaking event will take place in February next year at the renowned Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, signaling a significant shift in the fashion landscape.

During a press conference held at the prestigious Versace Hotel, Mr. Mustafa Foruzand, CEO of Avid Hilda, and Master Bibo, Director and general manager of the company, unveiled the exciting details of this revolutionary fashion event. Master Bibo highlighted the unique attributes that will set the Universal Couture Fashion Week apart from traditional Fashion Weeks.

In a bold move, the Universal Couture Fashion Week will introduce a 3D display platform, marking the first of its kind in the fashion industry. This innovative feature will enhance the visitor’s experience and revolutionize the way fashion is showcased. Additionally, the event will witness the participation of internationally acclaimed fashion designers and top-notch models, setting new standards of professionalism and excellence.

The grand show will be inaugurated by an Emirati model, a historical moment that reflects Dubai’s rising prominence in the global fashion scene. Over the span of three days, the event will showcase six mesmerizing collections each day, captivating audiences with its sophisticated organization and meticulous attention to detail.

Furthermore, the Universal Couture Fashion Week aims to forge meaningful partnerships with companies that embody the principles of sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. By embracing these concepts, the event seeks to redefine the notion of fashion weeks, elevating them to an unprecedented level of professionalism.

The Universal Couture Fashion Week promises to revolutionize the fashion landscape, placing Dubai at the forefront of the international fashion industry.

About Avid Hilda: Avid Hilda is a prominent events and exhibitions corporation renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovative concepts . With a vision to reshape the fashion world, Avid Hilda consistently strives for ground-breaking initiatives that push the boundaries of creativity and sophistication with diversity , inclusivity and sustainability.