12 June، 2024

News from Emirates

Emirati, Egyptian and Filipino nationals, secure AED 100,000 each in Mahzooz Saturday Millions’ 149th draws

 11 October 2023, Dubai, UAE: As part of Mahzooz Saturday Millions’ newest prize structure, where 3 lucky participants win the Triple 100 GUARANTEED raffle prize of AED 300,000 every week, the 149th draws awarded Mohammed from the UAE, Tarek from Egypt and Jeremy from the Philippines AED 100,000 each.

 The 149th draws are the second live draws that carry the new prize structure, which aims at multiplying the number of winners and maximise winnability for every participant, cementing Mahzooz Saturday Millions’ reputation as the leader in generous weekly pay-outs. The draws celebrated 129,536 winners who took a total prize of AED 1,929,015 on Saturday 7 October 2023.

Representing the diversity and excitement of the Mahzooz community, the winners share their inspiring stories with the world.

The first winner, Mohamed, is a 37-year-old Emirati national from Dubai, and a dedicated government employee. While he usually watches the live Mahzooz show, he missed the announcement this time. To his pleasant surprise, he discovered his win when he checked his Mahzooz account later. Mohamed plans to share his winnings with his family and may even consider buying a new car. This win marks a significant victory in his life, as he’s never won such a substantial amount before.

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Tarek, 63, has been living in Dubai for 34 years and works as a banquet chef. Tragically, he lost his wife to cancer four years ago, leaving him with two grown sons residing in Canada. Tarek started participating in Mahzooz just a year ago. This stroke of luck was unexpected, as he was asleep during the live draw when he woke up and checked his Mahzooz account. Overwhelmed with disbelief and joy, he found it difficult to sleep the rest of the night. Tarek describes this win as a miracle and intends to use parts of the funds to help a few people he knows are in need and save the rest in his bank account.

The third winner, Jeremy, is a devoted IT professional working in a private building material company in Dubai. Originally from the Philippines, the 37-year-old winner is a loving father and father to a 14-year-old boy. Jeremy’s journey with Mahzooz began in 2021 when he learned about the draw through a friend. He often participates in Mahzooz when he can, depending on his available funds. Jeremy was overjoyed when he discovered he was a winner of AED 100,000 after watching the live draw. His excitement was palpable as he rushed to share the incredible news with his son and sister, who couldn’t contain their happiness. This is the first time Jeremy has won such a substantial amount, and he plans to use it to settle his financial responsibilities and save for his son’s education. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys playing the guitar, singing, dancing, and watching movies.

For only AED 35, participants can purchase a bottle of Mahzooz Saturday Millions water and enter the weekly draws consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the top prize of AED 20,000,000, the second prize of 150,000, the third prize of AED 150,000, the fourth prize of free Mahzooz line worth AED 35 and the fifth prize of AED 5, as well as the Triple 100 weekly raffle draw, which will grant AED 100,000 every week to three GUARANTEED raffle winners.


Mahzooz, which means ‘lucky’ in Arabic offers participants a life-changing opportunity to win millions every week. Mahzooz is dedicated to changing people’s lives through its weekly prizes and its commitment to giving back to the community.