4 December، 2023

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Puerto99 DIFC

 United Arab Emirates – Dubai,8-10-2023 : Puerto 99, renowned for its Mexican ambiance and picturesque views at its Bluewaters location, is expand its presence in Dubai’s DIFC.

The new Puerto 99 DIFC, situated within the Waldorf Astoria, boasts a contemporary design infused with Mexican cultural elements, such as stunning malachite crystals adorning the walls and floors.

Positioning itself as a late-night hotspot, Puerto 99 DIFC offers an immersive experience with a sizable sound system and dynamic lighting that evolves as the night unfolds. The menu takes inspiration from across Latin America, providing an opportunity for guests to savor lesser-known local dishes.

What sets Puerto 99 DIFC apart is not only its diverse menu but also the meticulously crafted design elements that create an immersive atmosphere. From the captivating Malachite decor to the use of artisanal woods, every facet of the venue has been thoughtfully designed to captivate visitors. Blending nostalgia with forward-thinking concepts, Puerto 99 DIFC merges Mexican tradition with futuristic installations, offering a playful yet sophisticated space inspired by the depths of Mexican jungles.

Beyond its elevated dining experience, Puerto 99 DIFC promises an exciting nightlife adventure with top-notch sound and lighting systems, catering to Dubai’s late-night crowd. Through a diverse nightlife program, Puerto 99 DIFC delves into Mexican ancestral tales, sharing the creation of the cosmos and the vibrant Mexican culture with skilled artistry.

Mizgin Demir, the Marketing Director of Meshico Group, expressed their pride in bringing Mexican culture to the Middle

East and highlighted Puerto 99 as the new face of Meshico Group. They have plans to expand throughout the MENA region,

aiming to establish Puerto 99 DIFC as a renowned global destination in the realm of high-end dining.

Puerto 99 DIFC remains committed to honoring traditional Mexican cuisine, utilizing authentic recipes and ingredients

directly imported from Mexico.This commitment sets it apart from other restaurants offering more mainstream “Mexican”fare,providing Dubai’s discerning diners with an authentic taste of Mexico!’

Puerto 99 is preparing for a vibrant Dia del Muertos celebration, a cherished Mexican tradition from late October to November 2nd. This lively event honors departed loved ones with altars, marigolds, candles, and special “Pan de Muertos” bread. Join for this colorful celebration of life and the enduring connection between the living and the departed. At Puerto 99, you can immerse yourself in this cultural celebration with decorations, Pan de Muertos, customized cocktails, and live entertainment. Secure your spot by calling 058 511 3759 or visiting our Instagram page at https://instagram.com/puerto99difc?igshid=MzRIODBiNWFIZA==

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