22 June، 2024

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Awlad Harim Karim cast delighted fans in the UAE with special screening at Vox Cinemas

  Dubai, UAE –2 October 2023: “Awlad Harim Karim,” produced by Rotana Studios and iProductions and theatrically distributed by Empire Movies has been making waves in cinemas across the Middle East. To celebrate everyone who has supported the beloved movie since its prequel was released in 2005, the new cast including Mostafa Amar, Bushra, Dalia El Behery, Ola Ghanem, Basma, and Khaled Sarhan appeared in a red-carpet event for the special screening of the film at Vox Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates on Wednesday, September 27.

“Awlad Harim Karim” (The Sons of Karim’s Ladies) takes us on a charming journey set 18 years after the beloved romantic comedy “Harim Karim” (Karim’s Ladies) captured our hearts. In this eagerly anticipated sequel, we dive into a fresh chapter of the story, where our beloved characters have grown up, faced new challenges, and even started families of their own.

This time around, “Awlad Harim Karim” unravels the enchanting tale of Karim Hussein and Ayla, as their love story blossoms. Just when Karim decides to take the plunge and propose to Ayla, a twist of fate reveals a surprising connection: her father Karim Al-Husseini discovers that he is the son of his colleague and former flame, Maha.

As these newfound family ties come to light, old friendships are rekindled. Karim and Maha, along with their dear friends Hala and Dina, embark on an unforgettable journey of laughter, love, and the sweet nostalgia of yesteryears. Directed by Ali Idris, starring Moustafa Amar, Basma, Dalia El Behery, Ola Ghanem, and Khaled Sarhan and featuring newcomers Bushra, Amr Abdul Gelil, Rana Raeis, Tiam Mustafa Amar, Hana Daoud, Youssef Omar, Hana Daoud, Karim Mohamed Karim, and Fouad Mohsen; “Awlad Harim Karim” promises to capture hearts once again with its endearing characters and delightful storyline.

Mostafa Amar and the cast who welcomed the guests at the special screening noted that it’s so heartwarming to be reunited with the cast of Harim Karim. And they’re even more grateful that this time around, the movie gets to travel far and wide and they get opportunities like this to meet supporters in person to share the joy they’ve experienced while filming. They expressed their hope to be able to continue to make movie goers laugh and fall in love through ‘Awlad Harim Karim’ and looked forward to seeing their smiles after the movie. The cast also thanked Rotana Studios for their commitment towards the ongoing development and growth of the Arabic cinema industry ensuring both seasoned and emerging talent are provided a global stage to shine and showcase Arabic culture and values.

The cast was spotted staying and dining at Palazzo Versace Dubai, a trusted destination for celebrities flying to the UAE. Reminiscent of a 16th century Italian Palace, Palazzo Versace Dubai is a Neoclassical masterpiece with subtle traces of Arabian architecture. Featuring a striking entrance, high ceilings, landscaped gardens, and a range of well-crafted Italian furnishings, the hotel is truly symbolic of the Versace lifestyle.

“Awlad Harim Karim” is now showing in cinemas across the UAE.