21 June، 2024

News from Emirates

Shaoxing City held 2023 UAE Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference in Dubai

On July 2, local time, hosted by Shaoxing City People’s Government, organized by Shaoxing City Economy and Information Technology Bureau and Shaoxing City People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office, Shaoxing UAE Chamber of Commerce, 2023 UAE economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai. Shaoxing City held this Promotion Conference to actively participate in the “Belt and Road Initiative”, promote the development of Shaoxing and the investment and trade environment, enhance the understanding of the Middle East countries on Shaoxing, further promote the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between the two places, expand the influence of Shaoxing products in the Middle East market, and work together to write a new chapter of win-win cooperation between the two places.

Yaqoob Al Ali, Executive Director and Personal Advisor of Dubai Royal Office, Abdulla Murad Gharib Abdulla, Advisor of Dubai Economic Bureau, Ahmed Ali Mubarak, Advisor of Dubai Royal Fund, Counsellor Wu Yi and Consul Ding Hanqing of the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, Mayor Shi Huifang of Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government, Secretary General Wang Yongming, Director of Development and Reform Commission He Jiangang, Director of Economy and Information Technology Bureau Zhang Yongming, Director of Finance Bureau Jin Shuifa, Director of Foreign Affairs Office Jin Li, representatives of local enterprises in the UAE, presidents of business associations, representatives of overseas Chinese businessmen, news media and others totally more than 120 people attended the event.

A promotional video of Shaoxing City was played on the scene, showing the fascinating city image of Shaoxing, allowing guests to feel the deep heritage and unique charm of Shaoxing city.

In his speech, Shaoxing Mayor Shi Huifang said that in recent years, Shaoxing has earnestly been implementing President Xi Jinping’s concept of building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind, actively been integrated into the “Belt and Road Initiative”, supporting enterprises to participate in the global industrial division of labor, and promoting economic and trade cooperation with the UAE to achieve fruitful results.This year, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Shaoxing will seize development opportunities, support enterprises to expand overseas markets, further strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and integrate into the international economic cycle.

Mayor Shi Huifang introduced the basic situation of Shaoxing. He said that Shaoxing is a thousand-year-old city, a famous city of mountains and rivers, a city of entrepreneurship and an open city. He sincerely invited people from all walks of life in Dubai to visit Shaoxing to deepen understanding, enhance friendship, expand cooperation and increase investment.

Yaqoob Al Ali, executive director and private consultant of the Dubai Royal Office, briefed the guests on Dubai’s business environment and investment policies, hoping that the two places will continue to promote economic and trade cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Zhang Yongming, Director of Economy and Information Technology Bureau, introduced in detail the advantages and policies of Shaoxing in urban development, industrial construction and project attraction, and showed the guests a good industrial development foundation and investment environment of Shaoxing, so that the guests could have a deeper understanding of Shaoxing.

The Promotion Conference also reached a number of project contracts, involving textiles, new building materials and other industries.