12 June، 2024

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The 6th Goji berries Industry Expo


On June 22, the 6th Ningxia Goji Berry Industry Expo opened in Zhongning County, Zhongwei City. With the theme of “Sharing Qi Fu World and Sharing Health”, this expo adopts a combination of “online + offline” and “domestic + international”. meeting mode.

Functional units such as the international exhibition area, the characteristic Chinese herbal medicine exhibition area, the corporate style exhibition area, and the scientific and technological achievements exhibition area will comprehensively promote wolfberry culture and wolfberry products at the expo.

This expo will focus on the two regional public brands of “Ningxia Lycium barbarum” and “Zhongning Lycium barbarum”, and hold the “Launching Ceremony for the Registration of New Lycium Barbarum Drugs”. At that time, a batch of latest directions and results of medicinal research and development of Lycium barbarum will be released. In the supply and marketing link, the organizer will also hold matchmaking meetings and Ningxia youth e-commerce industry alliance tours and other activities to shorten the distance between domestic and foreign buyers, retail buyers and wolfberry production and operation entities inside and outside the region, strengthen face-to-face communication, and promote more Economic and Trade Cooperation.

In recent years, Ningxia Goji berries has taken advantage of the development of the “six special” industries to vigorously promote the “six major projects” of stable base, leading strong wolfberry, technological development, quality assurance, brand establishment, and cultural vitality. The “four major systems” of prevention and control, quality inspection and testing, and product traceability form a modern agricultural industry chain integrating R&D, planting, processing, marketing, culture, and ecology.

aking the Goji berries Expo as a platform, Ningxia and all the guests will renew their relationship, talk about friendship, and seek common development, so that red wolfberries will be “red” to enrich Zhongwei, “red” all over Ningxia, and “red” to the world. (Hu Dongmei, China Daily Ningxia reporter station)

Ningxia goji berries can help relieve mental health issues

A roadshow to showcase the major scientific and technological achievements of Ningxia’s goji berry industry is held in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, on June 21.

On June 21, the China goji berry research institute held a roadshow in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region to showcase the major scientific and technological achievements that have been made by Ningxia’s goji berry industry.Su Guohui, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Institute of CNS Regeneration at Jinan University, outlined the research and application achievements made using the berries.His team has confirmed that lycium barbarum polysaccharide (LBP), an extract of the goji berry, has functions including improving depressive symptoms, protecting the retina, resisting a fatty liver and promoting hippocampal neurogenesis.

Su Guohui, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Institute of CNS Regeneration at Jinan University, outlines the research and application achievements of Ningxia goji berries. [Photo by Cai Yuxin/chinadaily.com.cn]

Su said that the research indicates that cognitive impairment and feelings of helplessness in groups at high risk of depression can be greatly improved after taking lycium barbarum glycopeptide for six consecutive weeks.

Ningxia is the origin of goji berries, with a planting history going back more than 500 years. The Ningxia goji berry is a national geographic indication protection product, with rich nutrients and active pharmacological ingredients, and is recognized as “lithium-enriched” worldwide.

Over the years, Ningxia Science and Technology Department has strengthened its scientific and technological support for the goji berry industry, and built a number of innovative platforms such as the National Goji Berry Engineering Research Institute. The technologies it has explored in areas including planting, variety breeding, pollution-free pest control and standardized cultivation are at the forefront in the country.

It has also carried out a series of measures to improve efficiency and promote the transformation and upgrading of the goji berry industry.

There are currently more than 240 enterprises engaged in the deep processing of goji berries, and the conversion rate of goji berry processing stands at 25 percent, ranking first in China. More than 60 product varieties in over 10 categories have been produced, and functional foods such as lycium barbarum glycopeptide and liver tablets are used in hospitals.

After the event, the Ningxia goji berry innovation center of the China goji berry research institute signed cooperation agreements with more than 12 leading local enterprises in order to strengthen the development of high-value goji berry products and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of related scientific research achievements.