9 December، 2023

News from Emirates

Emirates Draw: Fulfilling Dreams and Empowering Families this Mother’s Day

Dubai, UAE 15 May 2023: In the spirit of International Mother’s Day, Emirates Draw honors all mothers for their unwavering dedication and the love they pour into shaping the future of their children. Just as mothers kindle high ambitions and dreams in their children, the UAE stands as a beacon of aspiration, fostering dreams and ambitions in its people. Emirates Draw resonates with this spirit, creating opportunities for dreams to come true. Over the weekend, the 85th MEGA7 and the 33rd EASY6 games were held, awarding a total of AED 552,858 in cash prizes to 10,978 winners, transforming the lives of many families and bringing joy to countless more.

The 85th edition of MEGA7 on Sunday awarded over AED 271,722 in cash prizes, with 15 guaranteed winners of the Raffle portion and 5,356 participants matching 5 or fewer digits out of 7 to win AED 121,722. The next game is set to broadcast live this Sunday, 21st May at 9 PM UAE time.

Meanwhile, the 33rd edition of the Friday game, EASY6, saw 5,607 winners win a massive AED 281,136 in cash prizes. 3 winners matched 5 out of 6 to win a total of AED 150,000, and 5,598 participants matched 4 or less out of 6 to win a total of AED 41,136 in the Main Draw. Participants have another opportunity to play in the next EASY6 game set to broadcast live this Friday, 19th May at 9 PM UAE time.

Mark your calendars for next Sunday’s MEGA7 live show and buy your tickets in advance, as RJ Abhijeet is set to announce a MEGA reveal. The special reveal promises to be a game-changer and will undoubtedly bring an electrifying new dimension to participants’ gaming experience with Emirates Draw.

The upcoming games will be live streamed across Emirates Draw’s digital platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and Website. Be the next lucky winner and book your numbers early! For more information, call the toll-free number 800 7777 7777 or visit www.emiratesdraw.com. Stay tuned for the latest updates on our social media platforms @emiratesdraw.