29 November، 2023

News from Emirates

The first round of “2023 Let’s Sing Kids” Chinese talent competition was held in Dubai

On April 30th, Dubai Chinese School hosted the first round of “2023 Let’s Sing Kids” a Chinese talent competition for young singers. More than 100 young talents from the Chinese community in UAE were there to showcase their talents.
“Let’s Sing Kids” is a television program competition for young talents broadcasting on Golden Eagle Cartoon TV in Hunan Province, China.
It has always been a model for children’s music in China and a platform for showcasing singing talents.
This year, the competition was held for the first time in Dubai, thanks to its cultural diversity and rich entertainment activities that have always attracted art and culture lovers from around the world.

The competition attracted children from the Chinese community in UAE, promoting cultural exchange between China and UAE and providing an opportunity for Chinese children in UAE to showcase their singing talents and explore their potential. The competition as well aims to develop and encourage young Chinese singers to pursue their musical talents and promote Chinese music culture.

The current round was organized by Sail Music Training Centre and sponsored by the Come Come Group, while the second round of the competition is expected to be held at the JiangNan Spring Restaurant, and the final round will be held in a location with a local Emirati character in about a month from now.
Three contestants from the Chinese community in UAE will be qualified to participate in a special training camp in China in preparation for the final competition and the recording of the final episodes of the program. The event received support and participation from cultural organizations and the Chinese community, and it witnessed a massive turnout, given its entertaining nature that allows the audience to explore the beauty and power of music.