5 December، 2023

News from Emirates

Wisdom Speaks: Japanese programme embraces cultural exchange and understanding at House of Wisdom

Sharjah, April 19, 2023 : The House of Wisdom (HoW) in Sharjah concluded an educationally stimulating language programme, ‘Wisdom Speaks: Japanese,’ aimed at broadening knowledge and forging deeper connections with Japanese culture. This visionary programme, which was held over the span of 10 weeks ending in April, sought to introduce children and adults to the language, arts, and traditions of Japan, and expand their cultural horizons.

Held in collaboration with Eton Institute, the immersive programme featured cultural performances, educational workshops, and language classes that enabled a deep understanding of the Japanese customs, traditions, and arts. Participants had the opportunity to learn the Japanese language, study the unique writing systems of Hiragana and Katakana, and engage in basic conversation phrases and expressions.

The programme also featured a range of breathtaking showcases, including the ancient and exquisite Japanese art of flower arrangement, known as Ikebana, Kimono traditional Japanese garment show, Taiko drumming performances, and authentic Japanese Matcha tea ceremony. These showcases provided participants with a rare glimpse into the depth and complexity of this rich Asian culture.

‘Wisdom Speaks: Japanese’ is just one of several offerings of the “Wisdom Speaks” initiative, which aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and expand knowledge of diverse cultures around the world, from language and arts to history and customs. Earlier this year, HoW hosted a beginner-level Arabic language course for non-Arabic speakers, teaching them the essential language skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The course is planned to run once again next May, with both beginner and intermediate levels available.

As part of the Wisdom Speaks initiative, HoW is set to offer two additional programmes focused on the Spanish language and American Sign Language. The details of these programmes will be announced at a later time.