5 December، 2023

News from Emirates

Mahzooz goes bolder and better: One GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRE every week and AED 20,000,000 as top prize

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, March 5th, 2023: Mahzooz, the UAE’s leading weekly draw with the biggest and most frequent pay-out, announced an excitingly sweeping change to its prize structure.

After over 134 weekly live draws, 32 multi-millionaires, and more than AED 376 million given away to more than 228,000 winners from all over the world, Mahzooz offers bolder and better prizes to its ever-growing fan base, in line with its mission of changing people’s lives.

At an exclusive event held at The Deck, West Palm Jumeirah, Mahzooz unveiled that it will be crowning a GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRE every week starting Saturday 11 March 2023. Additionally, and most importantly, Mahzooz doubled the value of its top prize, making it now a whooping AED 20,000,000.

The rules of participation are the same, yet the prizes which have become bolder and better, will now be exclusively offered through the Saturday draw, held live at 9.00pm.

For only AED 35, participants can buy a bottle of Mahzooz water, and enter the weekly Mahzooz draw consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the new top prize of AED 20,000,000 and the new weekly Raffle Draw, which will grant AED 1,000,000 every week to a GUARANTEED millionaire-to-be.

“To celebrate two years of success, it was important for us to innovate our offering and consolidate our prizes into one bolder draw that guarantees winning big” says Farid Samji, CEO EWINGS, Managing Operator of Mahzooz. “Behind the millions in prize money we have distributed to thousands of winners from the UAE and all over the world, there are thousands of dreams realized, hundreds of homes built, and many debts settled. This makes us very proud, to have been able to make a serious change in people’s lives,” he continues.

Entrants can participate in Mahzooz by purchasing a bottle of water for AED 35 via www.mahzooz.ae which enables them to enter the weekly draw consisting of the Grand Draw and the Raffle Draw. Participants can pick 5 out of 49 numbers for a chance to win the new top prize of AED 20,000,000, the second prize of AED 200,000, or the third prize of AED 250. Participants will also be automatically entered into the Raffle Draw in which, one guaranteed winner will receive AED 1,000,000 every week.