21 July، 2024

News from Emirates


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 23 February 2023: The energy and dynamism of Dubai set the perfect stage for Titan Watches this morning, as the brand chose to launch its widely anticipated range, TITAN Talk at Warehouse Four.

With 4 colourways in the range, TITAN delivers its own spin on conventional features such as inbuilt fitness trackers, a 1.39-inch AMOLED screens and voice assistant compatibility and over 100+ watch faces to choose from.

However, what truly stands out in this feature-packed range, is it’s Bluetooth calling feature. Lending to the product’s name, TITAN Talk. Made simple and seamless, users can now get the most out of their watch with mobile sync ups, music listening and much more.

Diving into the thinking behind the product, why the SMART category is the most organic next step for the watchmaking brand, and key features, the event took audiences through why this wearable will resonate with the region’s active audience, who seek a balance between function, innovation, and style. Adding to the experience, TITAN included hydraulic plinths, futuristic music, entertainment, and mood lighting to launch.

“Titan Talk is TITAN’s way of addressing a need gap in the Smart Watch category through innovation. While the watch has a myriad of features, each created to support the user, we are most proud of this product because it does justice to its price point through excellent UI and the Bluetooth Calling Feature. Coupled with our renowned TITAN after sales service, the product experience is sure to cement TITAN in the Smart category and amongst users, ” said Aditya Kejriwal, Business Head – Titan watches, International Business.

The Titan Talk watch is available for men and women at AED 525 and the watches are now available at Titan retail outlets across UAE, select Hour Choice stores, leading department stores, online marketplaces, and authorized retailers.