20 July، 2024

News from Emirates

Nest Finders honors its distinguished employees


Nest Finders celebrated a series of successes in a big evening held by the company at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Dubai.

Mr. Khaled Yaghmour, General Manager of the company, honored the company’s employees who achieved the highest sales for the past year 2022.

On this occasion, Khaled Yaghmour said: The Company has achieved great successes in the recent period, due to the strength of the company’s work team, their expertise, competencies, and the diversity of their nationalities.

Khaled also praised the return of real estate activity after a slowdown due to the Covid crisis, and expected more real estate renaissance in Dubai and the UAE.

Nest Finders is active in selling and renting luxury and medium real estate in Dubai and enjoys a high reputation and great experience.

Nest Finders was created in Khaled Yaghmour’s mind long before he decided he wants to build his real estate organization. He was inspired by his previous job as an agent when he led hundreds of clients to their homes. For him, it was more than just a day job that supported his living standards. Real estate was his passion and the reason he woke up every day in the morning. He was on a mission to find people’s nest, the place that offers the shelter and protection that everyone deserves. Aiming higher, he took the decision and founded Nest Finders, giving him the full control of his dream’s fate.

Nest Finders is headed by one of Dubai’s real estate experts, Khaled Yaghmour, and supported by a team of talented professionals. We offer white glove client service, guaranteed privacy, and optimum loyalty. The way we do our business is shaped by the values we set for ourselves. We recognize that every employee has an equally important part to play in delivering the service. With a customer-focused approach, we tailor our efforts specifically to the client’s needs. We make sure that we’re always giving our best at all times in support of our colleagues and clients.