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THA Staffing Reveals Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Work In 2023

 Dubai, UAE – January 2023: THA Staffing, one of the leading staffing solutions providers in the region, revealed today the five key trends that will shape the job market in the UAE in 2023. As the region continues increasing in popularity as a global business hub, the UAE anticipates an even more positive year of economic development and cutting-edge enhancements.

 Similarly, the job market in the region witnessed significant and diversified growth. In Q3 2022, the UAE experienced the highest increase in job creation compared to the last six years, with a 56% rise in jobs across non-oil sectors, according to the S&P Global UAE Purchasing Managers Index (PMI). The new visa legislation introduced Golden Visas, five-year Green Visas, and Freelancer Visas, and most recently the one-year residency permit for remote workers, which have helped the country attract more skilled talent from across the world, ultimately boosting business opportunities in the region. THA Staffing thus identifies the following key trends that will shape the future of work in the region over the next 12 months.

Yoann Coulon, Managing Director of THA Staffing said: “The job market has made a tremendous recovery in the last two years and at THA Staffing, we are experiencing a high demand for skilled employees across various segments, most notably in the events, retail and hospitality sectors. The UAE has become a global hub for innovation and commerce, and the prevailing trends in the job market indicate the rise of a new working-model era driven by freelancers, thereby shaping the future of the industry.”

Temporary Staffing

Temporary or short-term staffing offers employees the best alternative to conventional full-time employment, guaranteeing them more flexibility and diversity.  It enables individuals to prioritise work-life balance and diversify their work as they switch roles. From a business perspective, temporary staffing provides a flexible model by securing reliable talent with precise skillsets for each job, improving efficiency and productivity levels.  Companies can rely on a trusted staffing agency to provide turnkey solutions by handling the screening and training processes of staff, while ensuring compliance with the UAE Labor Law. In 2022, THA Staffing recorded a 73% increase in demand for flexible staffing solutions, to staff top luxury retail outlets across the malls in Dubai during the busy winter season.

Non-monetary Motivators 

The onset of the pandemic revolutionised working environments, introducing remote work models and shedding light on the importance of work-life balance. According to the Michael Page Middle East Recruitment Agency’s annual Salary Guide and Hiring Insights for 2023, 66% of respondents stated they are looking for remote working plans as part of their employment in the UAE. As young adults and Generation Z (Gen Zs) enter the workforce, financial gains are no longer the main motivator when seeking job opportunities. Employees are growingly focused on their personal lives and opting for jobs that have flexible work models, offering a better work-life balance and flexible work solutions.

Quiet Quitting 

An emerging trend that businesses should be attentive to is ‘Quiet Quitting’. Contrary to popular belief, this new trend involves setting boundaries in the workplace and not going beyond the call of duty. Increasingly popular amongst millennials and Gen Zs, young adults are opting to not operate beyond working hours, shifting away from the hustle-or-grind culture. A recent report by Bayzat reveals that 56% of UAE-based employees expect to change their jobs within the next 12 months. Organisations need to implement innovative retention strategies to retain skilled talent, including skilled-based learning programmes, flexible working hours, and remote working plans. Alternatively, businesses can seek the services of staffing agencies to outsource staff, keeping operating costs contained and ensuring seamless integration and high quality of work. In 2022, THA Staffing deployed 280 freelancers to over 23 hospitality groups in the UAE alone.

Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces have proven to be economical in offering freelancers and digital nomads dynamic working solutions rather than a traditional office environment. In Q3 2022, THA Staffing, with the aim to provide flexible remote working, launched its innovative co-working space – The Hub. Offering freelancers a platform for seamless integration to network and work, The Hub is the perfect place to connect, meet and increase productivity. Since its launch, The Hub has hosted over 350  freelancers at its innovative co-working space.

Environmental Awareness & Innovation 

As young adults enter the workforce, they continue to be a driving force for change, incorporating the triple bottom line in their decision-making process when seeking prospective employment. These include having a purpose-driven impact on the environment, social well-being, and prosperity based on the principles of People, Planet and Profit. Companies and leading organisations have thus committed to reducing their carbon footprint impact on the planet, setting sustainable work models and frameworks, particularly as the UAE sets to host the UN’s Climate Change Conference (COP 28) in November 2023. An embodiment of this mission is THA Staffing; recently establishing its sustainability vision, with an aim to preserve the environment and planet for years to come.

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