28 February، 2024

News from Emirates


Pioneering the specialty coffee industry in the region, Tres Marias Coffee Company is a Dubai-grown bean brand specializing in the production of innovative, environmentally conscious, and high-demand coffee sourced from beans from all over the world.

Nestled in DMCC Coffee Center in Jebel-Ali Dubai, Tres Marias Coffee is run by lady boss, world-acclaimed coffee connoisseur Maria Pavani. With more than a decade of experience as a coffee specialist and recognized across the bean industry in the region, Maria traces her passion for coffee to her first experience as a barista in 2009 when she moved from Brazil to Lisbon, Portugal for her studies. Her next coffee experience, this time in a coffee chain in Brazil when she moved back home, further fueled her passion for the brew.

In the years to come, she would climb the ranks to become General Manager at the very first specialty coffee roastery in the region, while continuing to expand her knowledge of the coffee supply chain – from the grounds to the market shelf.

All the while another idea was brewing in Maria’s heart – a company that would transform the coffee experience of the everyday people. Maria’s undeniably astounding background and years of experience in the coffee industry and marketing paved the way for the creation of Três Marias Coffee Company in 2019, making headlines amongst coffee aficionados across the country and the world.

Tres Marias came from the Spanish or Portuguese term which directly translates to ‘Three King’s Stars’ of the Orion Constellations. With this inspiration, Maria envisions that the cups of coffee made through Tres Marias’ products will be as bright and as distinguishable as the three stars, and with the mission of “transforming the coffee experience in people’s lives”, Tres Marias is dedicated towards creating products and initiatives to make the coffee experience as inclusive as possible.

Tres Marias categorizes their worldwide farm-harvested coffee beans according to the preference of its people – everyday brew for those new to home brewing experience, complex beans for aficionados, and extravagance for an exotic coffee experience.  Not only packed coffee beans from these farms are available but Tres Marias also offers special compostable capsules and coffee sachets, two of Tres Marias’ best sellers and the firsts-of-its-kind in the region, which anyone can brew and enjoy.

Seasonal coffee products also provide coffee lovers with new ways to enjoy their favourite beverage – the innovative Tres Marias Coffee Pops comes in six (6) flavours – Spanish Latte, Caramel Latte, Pistachio Latte, Mocha Latte, Vegan Macchiato, and Vegan Babyccino.

Tres Marias also recently launched a perfect partner for every cup of joe – plant-based milk deliciously curated without harming any moo. From baristas to baristas are plant-based drinks which come in Soya, Almond, and Oat flavours perfect for latte art. One box of these gluten-free and lactose-free drinks comes with six bottles of one-liter drinks.

Now that Tres Marias has completed the ingredients of a perfect cup with their variety of coffee and milk, Tres Marias has extended their helping hands for coffee lovers to create their personal favourites at the comfort of their homes. Tres Marias now distributes coffee equipment like grinders, kettles, filters, coffee makers, and even barista machines perfect for the stay-at-home friends and family coffee experience.

Enriching the coffee bean culture with an emphasis on sustainability, Tres Marias Coffee also explores and implements inclusive and environment-sustainable products and services that will appeal to not only coffee enthusiasts but also to the eco-warriors in the region. Tres Marias has pledged to its initiative of ‘From seed to earth-from earth to bean – from bean to cup and back down to earth’ and true to that, carbon dioxide neutral bags, biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules, and even vegan coffee popsicles are developed and offered by the coffee company.

Accessible specialty coffee for everyone, anytime, anywhere stirs the cups of Tres Marias and now their battery acids are ‘as easy to get as groceries’. Anyone worldwide can now get their coffee fix for Tres Marias as the company offers worldwide shipping and free delivery of purchased products for coffee lovers in the UAE. Special subscriptions are also available so coffee lovers can never run out of coffee beans.

Tres Marias also believes in further improving the coffee industry in the region. The company is collaborating with Special Coffee Association (SCA), providing modules for Coffee Skills Program course offerings on Barista Skills and Brewing and Sensory Skills.

The warmth of Tres Marias’ efforts embodies Maria Pavani’s idea to build dreams and create a positive impact to the community through coffee. Maria believes that coffee is an important agriculture product in the country’s economy sharing, “The way that majority of people know coffee is through a cup of coffee; I know coffee as one of the most important agricultural products that moves the economy of my country; I know coffee as a worldwide provider of jobs from farming, to shipping, to roasting and then serving a cup of coffee. Coffee is much more than what people see, and I want to tell this story to the world.”

From her humble beginnings in Brazil where she planted the beans of her success, Maria, with her team, is now building her coffee empire in the region and beyond. Following its success in 2019, Tres Marias looks forward to establish its brand and products in markets in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Jordan. In the coming years, Tres Marias’ coffee aroma will reach the e-commercial markets in USA and Brazil, and eventually, it might just be at every coffee enthusiast’s doorstep.