4 December، 2023

News from Emirates

Maria Ivina’s diverse interests unveiled.

Maria Ivina can conveniently be described as a woman of substance as she is making her presence felt in the field of business and service to humanity. She is a compendium of diverse interests with the sole aim of transforming the environment and making it better for the human race. Her life’s journey is channeled towards living a fulfilled life while helping to make the planet a wonderful place.

Beyond being a practical philosopher, philanthropist and public figure, her interests span art, modelling, fintech, music, yoga and environmentalism. In finding a channel of expression for the congregation of her interests that birthed her major all-encompassing company known as Satori Me.

At the age of 15, Maria Ivina took a plunge into the world of modelling, having been inspired by her love for art and beauty. She took part in shows of many famous couturiers, namely; Amato, Fuad Sarkis, Nicolas Jebran, Manish Malhotra, Manish Arora, and others. Modelling for Maria is an art
and a manifestation of beauty.

Ivina is an avid lover of art. Her love is not that of infatuation but love of devotion. Even though she cannot be regarded as a connoisseur or a maestro, she had immersed herself so much to the extent of taking courses and having herself schooled excellently.

Furthermore, she paints and attends exhibitions and thematic events. Maria took a short course by Max Skoblinsky and online lessons by Igor Sakharov. She was a co-founder of Allegro moderato events dedicated to art and music, which had outstanding pianists such as Paolo Restani, Ekaterina Mechetina, and Yuri Bashmet.
Ivina also had the opportunity to be acquainted with the great patrons of music and art, the legend of Russian ballet, Vladimir Vasiliev and many other amazing people.

But her most profound interest is in ecology and environmental protection which have formed the driving force of her life and upon which her true essence revolves. She is abjectly committed to protecting the environment, waste sorting and recycling, ecology and human health, shift to cleaner energy sources and reduction of domestic and industrial wastes.

Maria Ivina has embraced digital business with projects and vision not limited to cryptocurrency, but also in NFT- Non Fungible Token and innovative technology for art. She is convinced that new technology can be used to project art in its purest form with possibilities for environment protection, This is the basis for her organizing the first eco-forum on Metaverse.

Maria loves to travel. She has been to many countries: CIS and Central Asian countries, Middle East countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus), India, Pakistan, Singapore, China, Ethiopia, and Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany). Maria also travelled to the Himalayas and the turning point for her was a trip to India which led to the foundation of her founding the Satori Me Company.