24 July، 2024

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UAE University conducts several events and activities on International Translation Day

 Al Ain, 5 October 2022: The Department of Languages and Literature at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University conducted several events and activities on the International Translation Day, which witnessed the participation of a group of faculty members and students from the Translation Studies Program and Minors in Korean, German, French and Spanish.

Dr. Moza Al Tenaijy, Assistant Professor – Translation Studies Program – Chair of Department of Languages and Literature at UAE University, said that the department marks International Translation Day to appreciate the translator’s profession in spreading cultures and knowledge and enhancing interdependence among peoples, by facilitating communication with different nationalities.” and thus promoting values and principles of peace, tolerance and coexistence with the various segments of society.

She added: “The Department of Languages and Literature students celebrate this occasion in order to spread awareness of the importance of the role that the translator plays in society and to prepare a promising generation that masters modern translation skills.”

The event included many activities in which Dr. Mohammad Batayneh, Associate Professor in the Translation Studies Program, gave a presentation on how to work as a freelance translator.  The student Maha Al Qadi also gave a presentation on “audio-visual” translation.

In addition, the students recited a poem by the poet Ousha Al Suwaidi entitled “I remembered my friends” in six different languages: Arabic, English, German, Korean, French, and Spanish. The French language students presented a theatrical performance, followed by song performance by the Korean language students. Finally, the faculty members and event organizers have been honored.