30 March، 2023

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Continue the Summer Celebration at Rixos Hotels Egypt

Egypt, 25 July 2022: The Eid celebration has just ended and now it’s time to plan for a glorious staycation. Rixos Hotels Egypt offers the perfect destination to create the most memorable summer escapade with its properties across Egypt. Guests are in for a rollercoaster summer fun at Rixos Premium Seagate, Rixos Sharm El Sheikh, Rixos Alamein, and Rixos Premium Magawish Suites & Villas.

Guests have enjoyed Eid Al Adha with Rixos Egypt’s outstanding lineup of activities and events from live performances of Duo Violine & Cello, La Vida Live Band, Burlesque Dance Show, DJ, a fireshow, firework, Brazil dance show, pool and foam parties, to a fitness expert series by William Flores, Mike Bines, and Hector Escalante. Rixy Kids Club has also prepared a program for the little ones to enjoy.

Indulge in an exclusive package between 2 Rixos properties in Sharm El Sheikh. Just 500 meters from each other, Rixos Sharm El Sheikh and Rixos Premium Seagate offer the “Stay at One, Enjoy at Two” package where you are entitled to make the most out of all its F&B options, exciting amenities, and facilities, the Adult-friendly +16 concept at Rixos Sharm El Sheikh, and the Rixos Aquaventure Park at Rixos Premium Seagate.

If you prefer a peaceful summer getaway, Rixos Alamein is the best destination for you. Located far from the busy city, this property offers tranquility with its white sandy beach and turquoise water. Rixos Premium Magawish Suites & Villas in Hurghada extends the joyful mood from the Eid celebration with the property’s amenities and facilities, a list of fine F&B outlets, private pool areas, thrilling activities by land, water sports, fine sandy beach and crystal-clear water, 30 outdoor pools, private marina, and horseback riding where guests are sure to enjoy.

Mr. Erkan Yildirim, Managing Director of Rixos Egypt said, “We were pleased to have welcomed and celebrated Eid Al Adha with our valued guests. This summer, we are looking forward to giving them the best summer vacation with our outstanding properties waiting to serve them a luxurious Rixos staycation.”

For more information, you may call +20 65 34 64 620, email at magawish@rixos.com, visit www.rixos.com or for more updates, follow https://www.instagram.com/rixossharm/ and https://www.facebook.com/rixossharm/, https://www.instagram.com/rixospremiumseagate and https://www.facebook.com/rixospremiumseagate

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Ramadan is a time for togetherness and reflection, and Homes r Us believes every home has a story to tell. In celebration of the Holy Month, the brand has put together a variety of ideas to help customers reflect on their style. In that spirit, the home décor and furniture brand launched its Ramadan 2023 collection. In this year’s collection, you’ll find ideas for hosting iftars and celebrations with friends and family for unforgettable memories. In the UAE, each home appears distinct, as a diverse array of traditions, customs, gatherings, and enriching stories breathe life into them. Every part of Ramadan reflects the identity of the people who live in these homes, from the food to the clothes to the gifts to even the furniture. There’s a solution for every home in the brand’s latest collection. With its minimalist design, soft hues, and textures, the “White Canvas” theme exudes serenity and tranquillity. The “Forest Forage” theme features carefully chosen accessories and furniture inspired by the earth and forest elements to bring nature into the home. Those with modern home designs can add a touch of contemporary elegance with the “Industrial Sleek” theme, blending contrasting textures and hues for a modern loft appeal. Homes r Us is also adding opulent lanterns and dinnerware to its dining collection, suitable for hosting lavish iftars. The brand is a one-stop shop for all Ramadan needs, enabling the idyllic setting for family stories. Homes r Us understands that different cultures celebrate Ramadan differently. That’s why the collection caters to all tastes and styles. With new stores opening in Fujairah and Jumeirah at 777 Mall, Homes r Us will soon expand its reach. There will also be a refreshed, more expansive store in the Arabian Centre. The newly opened stores will have an expanded portfolio of products while keeping the tastes of local customers in mind. To make shopping even more convenient, Homes r Us is offering free delivery and assembly on a minimum purchase of AED 1000 to its customers. The new Ramadan collection can be browsed in-store or online at https://www.homesrus.ae/en/catalogues.