16 April، 2024

News from Emirates

New Auto Sees Remarkable Success in New Car Exports A growing global demand for Car exports from the UAE market

United Arab Emirates, Dubai: The UAE auto market has achieved a sales growth of 4.6% during the first quarter of 2022. Car exports shared a significant portion of these sales, as new car exports from the UAE increased significantly compared to the same period last year, according to auto specialists.

New Auto has achieved a remarkable success in exporting new cars to different countries such as Iraq, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and others, due to the easy handling and the UAE support to investors, such as advanced customs and logistic services.

Auto exports sales included different car brands such as Mitsubishi, in addition to electric cars imported by New Auto, such as Volkswagen, ID4 Crozz Pure+, BMW, Audi, and Toyota, in response to market needs and increased demand for this type of cars due to recent oil price fluctuations.

Bilal Nasr, New Auto CEO, revealed a recent study conducted by the company on the percentage of new car exports to each country. He says: “During the recent period, we have witnessed an increasing demand for cars from Europe, Africa, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan and others” He said commonwealth of the Independent countries accounted for the largest proportion of exports, amounting to 45%, followed by African countries with 25%, then Iraq by 12%, South American countries 8%, the Middle East 7% and European countries 3%, thanks to the facilities UAE provides to buyers. He indicated that investors managed to find other alternatives after the electronic chip crisis the auto industry has experienced.

Nasr indicated that the high percentages of sales and increased demand were the result of recovering by auto sector from the global pandemic crisis. He expected further improvement in car exports during the coming months this year.