12 June، 2024

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Emirates Draw introduces easiest winning formula ever by matching only one number in weekly draw. Emirates Draw’s Weekly Grand Prize-Winning Numbers: 0537371


Dubai, UAE May 09, 2022: In a first-of-its-kind raffle experience, 10% of participants in Emirates Draw’s weekly draw became instant winners when they matched the first number from the right in its newest prize category. Each participant received AED 7, which amounts to 14% of the price of the AED 50 pencil purchase required to participate in the draw.

While the total amount of AED 7 prizes remained undisclosed, seven participants won AED 77,777 each in the guaranteed raffle portion of the draw, while four participants matched 4 of 7 digits and each won AED 7,777. 52 participants match 3 out of 7 digits to win AED 777 each and 387 participants matched two out of seven and each won AED 77, for a whooping total of AED 645,750 last night alone.

The live show hosts also reiterated Emirates Draw’s commitment to giving back to the community while fostering positive change in participants’ lives. Since its inception a few months ago, the socially responsible organisation has distributed over AED 25 million in prize money to over 18,000 participants, even as the AED 100 Million Grand Prize, the largest in the region, remains up for grabs to be claimed by a single person or group of people who match all seven numbers from right to left.

Optimistic participants have another chance to try for the life-changing prize during the next draw round, which will again be broadcast live on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 9 PM UAE time.

How to play?

Entrants can choose to participate in the weekly draw by purchasing an AED 50 pencil, part of which goes to support the environment through the planting of coral polyps along the coast of the UAE and as part of Emirates Draw’s main corporate social responsibility programme to support the UAE government vision.  After registering online at www.emiratesdraw.com, participants can select their seven-digit number or have the system choose their number randomly.

With their purchase, participants are entered into two separate drawings, the first a raffle draw where every week seven lucky participants are guaranteed AED 77,777 each. In addition, all participants have the choice to be entered into a second draw with now 7 prize categories that start at AED 7 and include a Grand Prize of AED100 million when all seven numbers are matched.

The next draw will be live streamed across its digital platforms, YouTube and Facebook.

Be the next lucky winner and book your numbers early!

For more information, please call the toll-free number 800 77 777 777.