23 February، 2024

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Salties Beach Bar and Grill

DUBAI, UAE –   Salties Beach Bar and Grill by Grenada Launches its First Indoor Beach Bar Showcasing Sustainability

Accessibility, and the World’s Best Culture of Caribbean Entertainment

now the new branch opening at the outlet village mall

Salties is a Caribbean beach bar, made in Dubai by new generation Dubai expats with an international flair, featuring a fresh juice bar  and dj music all day long for that notorious Grenada island vibe. We have kept our refreshment prices accessible with appetizers starting from 25 AED +++ and beers from 16 AED +++. We would like to offer everyone in Dubai, whether visiting or working in Expo the possibility to appreciate the event and at the same time be able to enjoy a meal without spending too much. This is also good for the staff who are living on-site – it provides them with a relaxed ambience where they can listen to music and socialize with their friends and collegues

without needing to go into town

We are inspired by Dubai’s multicultural Caribbean cuisine, Arab, Greek, Italian, Oriental, and Mexican where you get

many appetizers to share collectively at the table. Our portions are enough to taste and appreciate the food, but also enough to try different dishes. Co-owner Pietro Scanavino has built together with a few friends and collaborators a place with sand, sunshine, and shisha. “Starting from the idea that Dubai is on the beach, a symbol of freedom – take your shoes off and feel the sand through your toes”.  Two terraces with private booths overlook the world within Expo – there’s no better place to relax and call home. Inside is a huge sandbox boasting colourful tables and chairs, sustainably sourced and given a fresh new look and even new names.

“We did everything very sustainable; we went to different places all over the UAE to source beautiful furniture which had been abandoned by other people in the past with its own history. We have modified and transformed them through colours, writings, and repairs and given them a new life naming every piece of furniture with famous places and beaches of Grenada, like Saint

George and Castle Hill

We are creating little islands within our restaurant where we can bring pieces of the world together”. Just like the country of Grenada, famously known as “The Spice Isle”, consisting of the main island of Grenada and 8 satellite islands.

“We have found many unique, charming, and different plates to revive ,no plate is the same . It gives uniqueness to the food you are eating and each plate has its own history”, nothing is standard in Salties.

“We believe that music is the clue of life that brings people together. Every day from 10 am we will be featuring live DJ sets and musical performances playing all kinds of music – from Reggaeton to Latin to Pop. We will have different evenings because we will pay a special tribute to every country on their National Day celebrations after 9 pm, so that they can feel at home in our space; citizens can enjoy special discounts off the total bill. I feel that this will be the ‘go to’ place inside Expo for everyone who wants to enjoy music and good food without spending too much.”

Salties aims to be the Dubai  home away from home for people coming over for the 6-month duration of Expo 2020 whilst at the same time shining the spotlight on sustainability. “We believe that the human being is born to enjoy simple things. We do enjoy the luxuries of life such as beautiful sights, restaurants, and hotels but we are very happy when we get home to our bed, and our living room, surrounded by the things we love. New things will always be interesting, but things from the past will always be  comforting.

Our Experience in the restaurant : It was an enjoyable experience, starting with the reception, the distinguished service through a qualified staff, and the distinctive and varied dishes

I recommend everyone to visit the restaurant in that quiet place and enjoy a unique experience.