24 July، 2024

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Dubai, UAE April 21, 2022: Emirates Draw, the socially responsible organisation UAE-based organisation, joins the nation in celebrating the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan by observing the occasion of Zayed Humanitarian Day.

Held on the 19th day of Ramadan every year, the event is initiated with the participation of people in need and orphans to impart the importance of humanitarian work. Emirates Draw is participating with other governmental entities and charitable organisations to honour and strengthen the example set by the late Sheikh Zayed throughout his life through this year’s theme of “Love and Loyalty for Benevolent Zayed”.

“Sheikh Zayed’s legacy as a wise ruler who cared about everyone in the UAE and beyond lives through numerous initiatives and organisations who carry out humanitarian work, as well as other methods to support people in the country and around the world. Emirates Draw is proud to be among those that give back to the community through our weekly raffle draw, which has already changed the lives of numerous participants,” said Mohammad Behroozian Alawadhi, Managing Partner at Emirates Draw.

Commenting on Emirates Draw’s support, Brigadier Eng. Hussein Al Harthi, Chairman of the board of Directors at SAAED, said: “We are grateful for Emirates Draw’s support, which highlights their ongoing commitment to giving back to the community through supporting individuals, initiatives, and organisations that work towards building on the late Sheikh Zayed’s legacy of humanitarian work.”

Further building on its vision and dedication “For A Better Tomorrow”, Emirates Draw is working with experienced divers and passionate volunteers to preserve the UAE’s rich marine life through its first community-driven ‘Coral Reef Restoration Programme’. Aimed at preserving and regenerating marine ecosystems, it is a natural extension of the UAE’s national conservation agenda, which focuses on large-scale environmental priorities. The programme is implemented at such a scale to provide real and lasting ecological impact on the marine environment of the UAE and surrounding coastlines.

“We are also inspired by the late Sheikh Zayed’s commitment towards the environment, which is why we established our Coral Reef Restoration Programme. We have planted over 3,000 polyps at different sites across the country to date and are keen to continue our planting efforts to support the government’s conservation mandate as well as the UAE’s leading role in the efforts to preserve coral reefs across the region and its commitment to sustainability, whilst improving coastal society, economy, and securing generations to come for a better tomorrow,” said Alawadhi.


The organisation has already positively impacted local, regional, and international communities one life at a time by distributing over AED 22 million has in prize money to over 17,000 winners since the organization’s inception in September 2021. Participants have used their winnings, which include amounts of AED777,777 and AED 77,777 to realise dreams that range from opening their own businesses to purchasing homes to supporting their families and communities back home, and more. The unique structure of Emirates Draw distinguishes it from other draws in that the grand prize remains at AED 100 million until a single person or a group of people match all seven numbers at which point the grand prize resets to AED 77,777,77.

It is the largest Grand Prize in UAE history and till now remains available, giving optimistic participants another chance to try for the life-changing amount; the next round will be broadcast live on Sunday, April 24th, 2022, at 9pm UAE time.