21 July، 2024

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Plutas Trading, Misula and FRAME Pay Tribute to Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open Polo Event Winners

Winning teams of the ‘Sport of Kings’ presented with luxuriously high-end FRAME® gift packages, the Advanced Mediterranean Pro-Ageing Solutions brand from Italy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Plutas Trading DMCC, the exclusive partner in the UAE and the Middle East of global luxury wellness, beauty and fragrance brands, along with Misula and FRAME®, the first complete range of products and services that targets skin health, wellbeing and longevity, congratulated the winners of the Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open polo event held at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

As Gift Sponsors of one the best polo tournaments worldwide, all the winners of this year’s edition of the Gold Cup 2022 Dubai Open were awarded gift packages containing FRAME® products by Vanessa Douglas, CEO, Plutas Trading, exclusive partner of Misula and FRAME® in the UAE; Florian Suceava, co-founder and Strategic Marketing and Business Developer; and Savannah Hillebrand, Global Brand Manager, both from Misula Cosmetics.

“We are extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to introduce Misula and FRAME®, our luxuriously high-end Advanced Mediterranean Pro-Ageing Solutions, to such an elite audience of this prestigious ‘Sport of Kings’ sporting event in the region,” Vanessa said. “Congratulations to all the winners for a well-deserved win, as well as to the organisers for such a successful event.”

Misula and FRAME® are deeply honoured to be part of this exciting and fun-filled sporting event that is being followed with great enthusiasm by some of Dubai and the UAE’s elite local and expatriate community,” Florian said.

As a luxuriously high-end brand that features a high level of natural ingredients and technological content, we are indeed thankful for having been able to reach out to such a wonderful and receptive audience.”

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the organisers for making us a part of this prestigious sporting event,” Savannah added.

Misula and FRAME® will also be present at stand J14 of the Professional Beauty GCC event and exhibition happening on 7 to 8 March 2022 at the Festival Arena in Dubai.