18 May، 2024

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Presentations On the Go with One Quick Share

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES –(AETOSWire) Technology has revolutionised the way we work. Thanks to video conferencing, the majority of employees could continue doing their work from the comfort of their homes, saving time and money. Yet, despite all the technological advancements, individuals never seem to find a way around all the wires. Each gadget like a camera, laptop and projector, makes work a bit more trouble-free and the table more cluttered. Similarly, for those who aren’t tech savvy, it brings the added complication of learning how to run the new product.

Fortunately, keeping in mind these concerns, LG Electronics (LG) has launched LG One: Quick Share. A revolutionary wireless screen with a user-friendly design, One: Quick Share has transformed the way work is done to connect with colleagues, clients and teams.

Simple Connect

Want to do an amazing presentation at work, only to find yourself fumbling with cable clutter and plug points? With One: Quick Share, you can share a personal PC screen to LG Signage with an easy initial setup. Just connect the USB dongle device on the PC after pairing with the Signage and you are good to go.

Easy Useability

With one click you can not only share the PC screen, but also change to another. Designed to show up to 4 PC screens on the Signage at the same time, such features like embedded Wi-Fi and SoftAP function in LG Signage allows users to easily connect and get to work without an additional transceiver.

Setting without Remote Control

As a user of One: Quick Share, there is no need for the hassle of a remote control. Simply adjust the default setting values of signage such as volume, picture mode and auto bright on the One: Quick Share PC application. The application can also edit the agenda/note and presentation settings displayed in Office Meeting Mode.

Screen Manager

A big concern while screen sharing is the accidental changes caused by fellow colleagues. Through the application, admin privileges can be granted and get control of the screen. With admin privilege, you can manage screens shared on the Signage and effortlessly switch the order of the split screens, stop screen sharing and select the screen among other connected screens.

Ultimate All-In-One solution

LG understands that modern times requires people to come up with newer and more efficient ways to work, particularly in the light of remote and hybrid work models. LG One: Quick consists of One: Quick Works, One: Quick Flex and One: Quick Share. Connected with One: Quick Works and One: Quick Flex.,  is the best choice for a team working remotely. Developed in response to that, LG One: Quick Share has the potential to expand how we are operating efficiently in the new reality of remote working.

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