20 April، 2024

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$21,000 instant earnings: Life coaches make startling revelation after their experience with Arabic e-learning platform Dawrati

Marketing maven Sarah Refai’s Dawrati, an end-to-end Arabic e-learning platform, is making waves in the Middle East, after student testimonials reveal career breakthroughs, with earnings reaching a whopping $21,000 at a time

March 02nd, Dubai, UAE: Dawrati, an end-to-end Arabic e-learning platform founded by renowned coach Sarah Refai, has made an instant impact in the Middle East, with early graduates witnessing career breakthroughs and successfully monetizing their own offerings. Dawrati had a record enrolment of 200 students within six months after its launch, creating high expectations among regional coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and content creators.

“I had been trying to sell my self-development course for five years without much success. After joining Dawrati, and leveraging its automated system, I quadrupled my returns in the first month, raking in as much as $21,000 upon the webinar launch of my course. More importantly, however, I have found a way to put my knowledge to good use and help other people while achieving personal financial freedom and stability,” said Ghali, a self-development coach.

Arabic for “my courses”, Dawrati offers a structured program for life coaches and consultants to hone their skills and excel in their respective domains. Its innovative, strategy-based program also includes modules and effective marketing techniques to help students find their ideal audience and monetize their skills and expertise, especially on digital platforms

The efficacy of Dawrati’s programs was also reflected in the words of Ayesha, an awareness and energy coach, who said that she was predominantly doing manual, one-on-one consultations before, but later implemented Dawrati’s passive automated system and methodology, which enabled her to grow her client base 5X in the first month. Inspired by her recent success, Ayesha is working on launching a master class in the upcoming months.

Ghali and Ayesha are among the many Dawrati alumni that are making a mark in the Middle East and scaling their impact and businesses to six figures and more. Behind this stellar track record is the Founder Sarah Refai, whose vision and activism led to the creation of the Middle East’s, and the world’s, first dedicated e-learning platform for Arabic speakers in Dawrati. With its early success and the Canadian-Lebanese trailblazer’s “signature strategy”, Dawrati is poised to lead an e-learning movement in the region and become a leader in the industry expected to reach a trillion-dollar valuation, globally, by 2027.

“We have become a go-to community for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and content creators to optimize and monetize their skillsets and work towards social empowerment. There was a need-gap in the Middle East for digital marketing resources and e-learning content in Arabic, that we have bridged with Dawrati. Now we are focused on expanding our outreach, enhancing our courses, and working towards increasing the Middle Eastern footprint in the global digital market,” said Sarah Refai, who is known in the region by many names, including “Marketing Maven”, “Young Global Arabic Entrepreneur”, and “Serial Entrepreneur”.

The Middle East’s untapped potential is coming to the fore with the emergence of impact-driven platforms like Dawrati. This bodes well for the next generation of coaches and entrepreneurs in the region. And it is fitting that a young, women entrepreneur like Sarah Refai is leading the charge. “My motto, and that of Dawrati’s, is ‘Take Action Now’. And we believe we speak for millions of dreamers in the region when we say this,” continued Sarah, “let’s do it together.”

About Dawrati:

Dawrati — Arabic for “my courses” — is an innovative, end-to-end Arabic e-learning platform that offers a structured program for “Coaching the Coaches”! Directed at teaching coaches and consultants how to hone their skills and excel in their respective domains, the program also includes modules to help them find their ideal customers and monetize their skills in the digital world with effective marketing techniques. Founded by serial entrepreneur and marketing coach Sarah Refai, Dawrati is fast becoming the go-to community for coaches, consultants, and content creators to optimize their skillsets and channel their resources for maximum impact. Within six months of its launch, Dawrati had a record enrolment of 200 students, in what can be perceived as a revolution in the Middle East. It has since worked with leading Arab coaches, empowering them to scale their businesses to six figures and more. With trailblazer Sarah Refai at the helm, Dawrati is crafting a niche for itself in the e-learning industry, which is expected to grow into a trillion-dollar ecosystem by 2027 and beyond.